Saturday, December 28, 2013

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and are planning a great new year.  I have been writing some this Christmas session after a busy fall harvest.  I am going to start breaking so that will get my brain storming to rolling and I will be found in the field during the day and the computer during the night writing what I thought about all day driving the tractor.  The new book is going along well.  I have 15 chapters written and are almost half done.  It will need a lot of editing and going through but I hope to have it out my early summer.  I have not had any book signings since October 19 and that was at Portales at the peanut festival.  I hope to book some soon along with some gun show booths.  I will be on PBS sometime in January and will be on with Kathy Elliott.  Please write on my blog and give me a review.  And follow us on Facebook.  Thanks for reading my blog!!


Jeff E.

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